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We are a company, that hold the database for Models, Photographers, Actors and other in the branch of modelling industry. If you are new in the branch or professional, then we are open for everyone. On our

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website you can book, ask for work, make travel notification, casting call and more.

After we are taking in the hole branch, this means actors, actress, agency, stylist and more can join our database. All communication is going over our platform, so no sensitive information will be given out to those you contact. Is up to you, when you want to share. You’re phone number or

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other information.


Modellbransjen Norge er en database for modeller, skuespillere, fotografer, stylister og andre som jobber i bransjen. Denne nettsiden er kun på engelsk, ettersom vi har internasjonale artister som booker folk via våre nettsider. Noe som medfører at man kan få mere jobber.
Ønsker man å snakke med oss, så er våre telefonlinjer både på Norsk og Engelsk.